About Ingoodnic

About us

Ingoodnic Ltd can offer many services; from the design and supply of your pipework requirements, to providing all accessories for your project. Established in 2011, our focus is to specialise in quality pipe products, whilst ensuring their suitability for the correct application. We can manage your installation using our authorised partners guaranteeing correct integration with other products. We can offer a range of piping systems from 10mm to 3500mm in diameter, to convey liquids, steam and gases (-60°C to 450°C) from one location to another. From start to finish we offer one point of contact for your whole project.

Our mission

Supplying an engineered solution to fulfil your pipe requirements. Ensuring quality designs through high standards, training, qualification and experienced workforce.

Pipe Specialists in:

  • Anaerobic digestion installations
  • Biomass heating networks
  • District heating and cooling networks
  • Pre- insulated steel and PEX systems
  • Electrofusion fittings and butt fusion joints
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heating and plumbing systems
  • Below ground GAS and WATER pipe work- Steel and PE - WRAS and GIS
  • Barrier pipe work for contaminated land
  • Boosted chilled water and sprinkler systems
  • Ground source technology
  • Gas installations- from low (75mbar) to high pressure  (70bar)
  • Industry stream installations


  • Site surveys
  • Design services
  • Fast delivery for all pipe types
  • On site training, support and tooling demonstrations
  • Installation with authorised partners
  • Bespoke heating and cooling fabrications

Registered in England No: 07507965 VAT No: GB 226 7324 12