About Us

Ingoodnic Ltd can offer many services; from the design and supply of your pipework requirements, to providing all accessories for your project. Established in 2011, our focus is to specialise in quality pipe products, whilst ensuring their suitability for the correct application. We can manage your installation using our authorised partners guaranteeing correct integration with other products. We offer pipework for domestic schemes from underfloor heating & plumbing to commerical schemes, pitch heating and district heating pipework.



New Sales Director
It is with tremendous pride I would like to welcome Pete Santoro to Ingoodnic Ltd as the new Sales Director. Pete will start his formal role at Ingoodnic Ltd this September. Pete has a huge wealth of knowledge within the industry with over 24 years...
Day 1 of UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2019 is over. Now to the awards. The Pre dinner drinks are on @ingoodnic.  Come join us for a cheeky beer or a glass of wine. However remember mixing the grape and the grain is good for AD tanks, but not...